New versus existing office furniture: What suits you better?

Small business owners and companies are always looking for cutting down on cost. Buying new office furniture can be extremely expensive. That is why business owners and companies prefer to re-use their old office furniture to save money while furnishing their offices.

If you are working within a strict budget, re-using your office furniture is often the preferred solution. After proper research and exploring the various market options and resources, it is possible to combine new with old office furniture that will not only look good but will also be received well by employees and customers.

Re-using some of your old office furniture can save money – as much as 50 per cent over the cost of buying all new office furniture. Of course, you need to do thorough research and ideally use a specialist office space design company who is willing to work with you on this, such as Space Planning UK.

Make sure that your old office furniture has minimal wear and tear and has not been used for too long a period. Once some finishing touches are given, most people cannot tell the difference between the old and new office furniture.

When you buy new office furniture, the resale value can depreciate to 25 per cent or less of the original purchase price over the number of years. On the other hand, if money is not a major concern, it makes sense to buy new and customised office furniture as you and your employees need.

Take extra care when picking paint or wallpaper colours in your office

Colours can be a very powerful aspect of a truly vibrant office space. Bright colours can inspire employees; subtle shades can calm one down, or just make one feel at ease. A proper selection of colours can help motivate your employees to get down to business! Take extra care when picking paint or wallpaper colours in your office.

Different hues resonate and spread different vibes. For example, a bright red might remind you of hearts/love, lipstick, even stop signs. Red is an intense colour; maybe not exactly what you are looking for in an office. However, a deep cherry-maroon shade could make your employees feel empowered. Also, a rosy pink shade could well liven up your office and impart it a feminine flair, encouraging lighthearted environment.

Elements of office ambience and design to influence employees

As part of a natural human tendency, employees invariably relate and react to non-living objects at the office place in symbolic terms and connotations. Take a typical office chair as an example. It has a very important symbolic significance. It conveys the office hierarchy; it acts as a motivator, a status symbol, and a sign of how its occupant is valued.
Similarly, various aspects and elements of the office environment and design tend to influence the employees in different ways. Even colours can influence morale, attitude and outlook towards work. Imbalanced colours in the office can have a negative psychological effect on employees.
Desk and conference table shapes and styles also play a key role in our perceptions. There are three psychologies of a typical office table – round tables, square or rectangle tables and low or no tables.
• Square or rectangle desks and tables: Where the people sit on opposite sides, the ambience seems formal and confrontational.
• Round tables are more practical and comfortable, offering a sense of collaboration.
• The third psychology of office design is very informal. Sofa, club chairs and a low magazine table, or no table at all, provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere.
You may have thought that psychology plays little or no part in office design, but companies who specialise in this area understand the impact of office space planning.

Strike a balance between your current and projected office furniture needs

Companies and small scale business owners are always looking for ways to save money. If you are looking for cost-saving and effective office furniture ideas, here are a few:

1. Create a plan – Do not rush out and buy the workstation, desk or chair that you see on sale at the local office supply dealer or store. Instead, do some analysis and spend some time for devising an effective office furniture plan.
2. Evaluate your furniture needs – Make it a point to evaluate and exactly work out your current and projected office furniture requirements. Try to strike a balance between the two. Keep in mind how much space you have for the office furniture along with plans for hiring additional employees.
3. Get employee feedback – It is your employees who will be using office furniture the most, so seeking their feedback is a must apart from taking into account expert opinion.
4. Check various office furniture options and resources – check various office furniture options and resources available. Employ a specialist in the area as it can save you money in the long run by using space more effectively

Points to consider while buying storage units and office chairs

Here are some practical ideas when looking to buy storage units and office chairs:
• Shelving (or storage units) is something that you will require if your workplace has a constant flow of documents and information in paper or paperless format (magazines, books, files, discs, CDs, etc). You need to consider the amount of space available to fit in your documents.
• When you buy a used storage unit, desk or any furniture, check whether the moving parts are properly functional. Check if the drawers smoothly open and shut. See if the keyboard racks move properly.
• If there is a lock, ensure that it is functional. See to it that you are given keys to it!
• Take into account your budget. Pine wood is always cheaper than other alternative woods.
• When buying chairs for your employees, it is critical to understand that they will be using the chairs for many hours a day, hence they should be as comfortable, supportive and relaxing as possible.
• Sitting in adjustable and flexible height chairs – with arm supports and a high-back- your employees will feel comfortable, and can keep a healthy posture. This will result in increased productivity.
deally, you should use a company such as Space Planning UK to ensure you get the optimum space from your office. When doing their office design, Space Planning UK will also re-use your old or existing furniture.

Indoor fountains create ambience in your office

You may showcase an indoor fountain prominently at your office to impress your customers but you will also have the benefit of creating a pleasant ambience in the office for your employees. You will see the benefits as many people can concentrate better, and perform better. Research has shown that indoor fountains add to the productivity of people.

Indoor fountains are available in several compact, innovative designs. Ready to use indoor fountains come in plenty of designs, materials, shapes and sizes. They are available in a wide variety of styles as well as configurations.

In fact, they are no longer just considered mere works of art; they have also been found to be highly functional and effective from point of view of natural additions to your office settings. They are pleasing to the eyes, ears and the soul. Indoor fountains are just perfect for creating a relaxing ambience. Their calming effect will make you and your employees feel relaxed.

While installing indoor fountains, one key thing to consider is their size and shape and the space available. Your selection should be based on the area of the room in which you are going to place the one you buy. It should match the overall décor of your office place. You may use small potted plants and tasteful bonsai arrangements for creating a natural setting around your indoor fountain to add to it appeal.

Make your office comfortable yet practical for you and your employees

Here are some useful, practical ideas so that your office space will be not only comfortable for you but also interesting and inviting to visitors.

1. The idea of a built-in ‘Work Island’ that is positioned slightly off-centre is worth considering. It will leave enough space elsewhere in the office, allowing comfortable seating for either relaxing or brainstorming.
2. A well designed work island should ideally leave ample scope for a work surface as well as a base containing the maximum practical storage. This will allow flexibility. Include sufficient leg room on all four sides.
3. Consider building the work island at bar height if you wish to work standing up.
4. Ensure your seating includes a foot rest and gives adequate back support.
5. Your office layout can be dynamic and creative even if the budget cannot stretch to a bespoke work island. Do not allow furniture to hug the walls – with a large, empty space in the middle.
6. Try placing an attractive desk towards the centre of tour office – with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and storage within hassle-free reach on the wall just behind you. Place a sofa just in front of the desk.

How to give a pleasant feel to your office space

Decorating an office space to make it livelier and dynamic can often prove to be a delicate balancing act. You want your existing office space to be pleasant and inviting for both employees as well as corporate visitors and yet you also want to ensure that the office retains a professional, formal look and feel.

Striking a balance, while achieving both goals, requires professional expertise. Professionals can often see potential that you might otherwise miss. We provide some handy tips on how to give a pleasant touch to your office space with an ultimate aim of creating productive and conducive environment for optimum output.

One creative and novel idea is to inviting local artists to showcase their artwork on the office walls. It is a win-win situation as they get exposure for their good work whereas you get office décor at a decent budget.

You should make it a point to decorate the office walls. Bare walls can make your office seem a dull, lifeless place. The negative energy spread can affect the mood of your staff.

Look to warm and enhance your workspace by putting up some tasteful framed photos, paintings or prints on your office walls.

Space audit – a crucial aspect of office design

Are you thinking of redecorating or redesigning your existing office space to better accommodate your growing needs and ensure greater efficiency? Considering the space crunch in modern offices, it’s of utmost importance that the available office space is used in an optimum and efficient way for eliminating any wastage of your prime office property.

A detailed analysis of your existing business needs, whilst still keeping in mind your future requirements, plays a major role in devising custom made solutions specifically for you and your office. The key elements in office space planning are determined largely by your future business needs. The initial step in office space planning is to understand the basic motives behind office design. Once they are ascertained, a space audit in terms of existing office furniture, channel of work flow, storage facility, etc. will help you understand and ultimately, effect structural changes.

Expert guidance is crucial to planning, designing and executing renovation plans in a hassle-free manner. Strategically reviewing your existing office space and making optimum usage of your current set up form core of a value based approach. It’s important to seek expert advice and importantly, to choose the most appropriate resource for your space planning requirements. Redesigning your office doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy all new office furniture so working with a company that will take this into account, such as Space Planning UK, is important.

Effective office desk ideas to get you started

Everybody needs a nice, proper and convenient desk to perform routine and critical tasks at the workplace in an efficient manner. Whether it is for computer work, paper work or perhaps simply for storage, office desks need to meet all your needs. Desks come in all different shapes and sizes.

t is important to know whether an employee’s desk is right for him on the basis of the tasks he or she is expected to perform. Is it at the right height and size to allow comfortable functioning? Are there optimum cabinets or keyboard racks that enhance the space made available for using the desk? By asking such questions, you may get an idea of the exact space requirements so that you can customise desks for respective departments.

here are various styles, designs and sizes of workstations. Accordingly, you may select the desk types that can easily accommodate computers and other accessories. Keep in mind the fact that your employees will be using the furniture for several hours a day; something trendy, elegant but uncomfortable or unusually shaped can affect the comfort and productivity of your workers. Functionality rather than look and style should be the key criterion for selection of office desks. Be sure that you get the one that is most comfortable and convenient for your employees.