Ergonomic Assessment Services

Looking after your staff and ensuring that they have the correct equipment for their job roles is not only sensible for staff well being, but it can also save you money in the long term. One of the most common causes of staff absence is back pain, and often this is caused by poor posture and poor office seating. Staff well being is becoming an increasingly important role for employers, especially in an ever more litigious society, and yet it is very simple to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligations with our Ergonomic Assessment Services.

We can offer two levels of service; the first being an overall team check. This is where our trained staff will come to your office and spend a day assessing each member of your team and recommending ways to improve their working environment. The second is a full DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment, where our assessors spend more time with each person and produce a risk assessment report. Many employers are unaware that they actually have a legal responsibility to carry out a DSE assessment for every member of staff, and we can ensure that you meet this obligation.

Often simple adjustments to the workstation layout can help postural problems, and where necessary we can recommend products such as laptop risers, wrist rests, copy holders, through to chairs and height adjustable desking to ensure that your staff are working correctly at their workstations.

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Here are some useful resources for companies concerned about their DSE (Display Screen Equipment) obligations.

Health& Safety Executive site-

DSE Regulations

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