Space Planning

Space Planning UK Ltd are office space planning specialists; it is our core business and a service that we have been successfully providing for many years. Our experience allows us to design workspaces that work for their users and we can help whether you are looking to totally re-plan your office with new furniture, or are looking to minimise expense and re-use your existing furniture in an improved layout.

Our space planning service can also help with implementing alternative working systems, such as desk hotelling, hotdesking and homeworking as well as implementing touchdown and breakout zones. These can help to ensure that your office space is used to its maximum efficiency, and can even help to promote communication and interaction amongst staff, helping to make your business more efficient.

We can help no matter what size your budget is and can provide you with a series of options ranging from minimal disruption (and cost) plans through to a total workplace transformation. We can tailor our service to your needs and budget and so can help whatever size your project.

In addition to our core office space planning service we are also able to offer space planning services in a number of other fields. We have carried out space planning projects for schools, estate agents, restaurants, shops, theatres, and even produced many plans for homes in order to make the best use of the space available.

Our domestic service is particularly useful with the current housing market slump. More and more people are choosing not to move, but to improve their current accommodation, and often through reconfiguring the internal partitions we can offer solutions that can allow for more bedrooms, an additional bathroom, or just improved living space. We can produce space plans giving you several options for your home, and even show the furniture within it, allowing for improvements that can add thousands to the value of your property.


We have space planned several schools, showing accurate plans of each room and listing all the furniture required, and included alternative options for flexible spaces (including folding and stackable furniture). We are even able to help source any new furniture required, and as we are fully independent, you can be sure that we are recommending what is best for you, not what a retailer wants to sell you.

Once we have completed the CAD plans, we store them on our servers. This means that should you want to make some changes in the future, or require ideas as to how to change the functionality of an area, we are able to produce new plans quickly, and at minimal expense.

Estate Agents

We have space planned a large number of estate agencies across Britain and have helped to bring tired looking agents up to date with modern design and additional features. Estate Agents are somewhere between a shop and an office as they need to provide practical office working space for the staff, yet remain open, attractive and inviting for customers. We have designed a number of modern estate agents to include features such as internet cafes, soft seating, counter and stools areas, whilst still including desking and quiet meeting areas.

Our projects have included 3d visualisations to show exactly what a finished scheme would look like, and we have even produced floor plans of properties for estate agents to help with their sale packs.


Running a successful restaurant means turning over enough covers to produce a profit. We can ensure that your restaurant is space planned to allow for the optimum amount of dining and seating space, whilst still maintaining access. We can offer a simple space plan service showing several alternatives that use different size and shape tables, through to a complete interior design service that includes mood boards, colour advice and furniture supply.

We can also show how you can maximise your profit through including a bar space, and retain customers who are waiting to be seated. By making the most of your restaurant space, you will make the most of your profitability, and we can ensure that your space works for your business.

Whatever your space planning requirements, we can help, so why not give us a call on 0203 126 4880 and let us make the most of your space.