New versus existing office furniture: What suits you better?

Small business owners and companies are always looking for cutting down on cost. Buying new office furniture can be extremely expensive. That is why business owners and companies prefer to re-use their old office furniture to save money while furnishing their offices.

If you are working within a strict budget, re-using your office furniture is often the preferred solution. After proper research and exploring the various market options and resources, it is possible to combine new with old office furniture that will not only look good but will also be received well by employees and customers.

Re-using some of your old office furniture can save money – as much as 50 per cent over the cost of buying all new office furniture. Of course, you need to do thorough research and ideally use a specialist office space design company who is willing to work with you on this, such as Space Planning UK.

Make sure that your old office furniture has minimal wear and tear and has not been used for too long a period. Once some finishing touches are given, most people cannot tell the difference between the old and new office furniture.

When you buy new office furniture, the resale value can depreciate to 25 per cent or less of the original purchase price over the number of years. On the other hand, if money is not a major concern, it makes sense to buy new and customised office furniture as you and your employees need.