Make your office comfortable yet practical for you and your employees

Here are some useful, practical ideas so that your office space will be not only comfortable for you but also interesting and inviting to visitors.

1. The idea of a built-in ‘Work Island’ that is positioned slightly off-centre is worth considering. It will leave enough space elsewhere in the office, allowing comfortable seating for either relaxing or brainstorming.
2. A well designed work island should ideally leave ample scope for a work surface as well as a base containing the maximum practical storage. This will allow flexibility. Include sufficient leg room on all four sides.
3. Consider building the work island at bar height if you wish to work standing up.
4. Ensure your seating includes a foot rest and gives adequate back support.
5. Your office layout can be dynamic and creative even if the budget cannot stretch to a bespoke work island. Do not allow furniture to hug the walls – with a large, empty space in the middle.
6. Try placing an attractive desk towards the centre of tour office – with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and storage within hassle-free reach on the wall just behind you. Place a sofa just in front of the desk.