Office Storage Solutions

The design and layout of your office space can be dictated somewhat by the type and quantity of office storage units that you have, and the more open your space, the better it works. There are several systems available to improve your current office storage, and more and more companies are looking to implement wall storage solutions. These are full height (floor to ceiling) storage cabinets that are usually fitted bespoke to your office space and ceiling height. They make the most of the space that is available, look very smart and can be locked for added security. Usually the top shelves tend to be used for archive storage as they are more difficult to reach, but they are a good way of utilising all the available wall space, leaving the open space in the office to be open. Another alternative is a rolling stack system; this is basically a series of rows of storage cabinets with a single moveable walkway. Through eliminating the need for a walkway between every row of cabinets, a system such as this vastly increases the density of the storage in a space. The walkway is moveable as all the rows of cabinets are attached to a roller system that allows them to slide from side to side, and these can be controlled either by a large crank handle, or an electronic push button system. This can be a particularly useful way to remove the storage from within the open plan parts of an office, allowing for a much more user friendly layout.

There are many other options available, particularly if you are looking to replace the old 4 drawer filing cabinets with a more modern solution, or looking to group together existing storage to improve your office layout; give us a call to discuss your options and see how we can help.