Space planning on a budget

As well as working for large companies, we have also carried out many projects for smaller companies and charities that need their space to be improved, but often don’t have much of a budget. However there is often still a lot that can be done, and we specialise in showing companies on limited budgets how to re-use their existing furniture in a more cost effective way, often allowing for additional desking, or breakout areas that can really benefit the staff. Through rearranging your desking and storage it is often possible to free up additional space, but also it is often possible to do simple things such as removing or changing desk high pedestals for under desk ones giving each desk a smaller footprint. This then gives you options for alternative layouts and through clever space planning you can free up all of that wasted space. We can also show the effects of removing partitions and give you maximum density space plans so that you know what the capacity of your office space is. Through providing a series of options starting with minimum disruption and cost through to maximum efficiency (although at a higher outlay) we can give you all the choices you need to make the most of your workplace.