Small benefits that have a large impact for staff

There are a number of relatively small benefits that staff perceive as being a real bonus in their jobs. Through using these little extras staff are happier, often more productive and more likely to satisfied in their job roles. Some examples of this are free tea and coffee facilities for staff; this discourages staff from needing to store foodstuffs in their personal storage pedestals, is relatively inexpensive and can actually keep staff on site (rather than going off site for a coffee). Combining this with an attractive breakout area, particularly if it is a modern e-café style coffee area, gives a real bonus for your staff. The area can be used for informal meetings, it encourages communication and “chance encounters”, which can also increase information sharing and gives staff somewhere to go for lunch that means that they can still be near to their desks. Many offices are now going one stage further and including free fruit in these areas, another relatively inexpensive benefit that can also help to encourage healthier staff.

A bright vibrant breakout area can totally lift an office space, so if you would like to discuss how we can transform your office and staff perception of it, give us a call.