Home working and its effects on your business

Home working is increasingly becoming a more standard part of office life. Simpler communications, webcams, video mobile phones and mobile email have changed where and how people work, allowing for greater flexibility. However many staff who do sometimes work from home do so on the end of a bed, or dining table, and this can lead to postural problems. In an increasingly litigious society it is important to ensure that when your staff are working from home they are doing so in a way that is not going to effect their health, your productivity and possibly even leave you being sued for lack of health and safety guidance. We are able to design home working environments for your staff based upon the actual room that they are working in to ensure that you are protected and your staff work ergonomically and safely whilst out of your office. We can even recommend a Commercial Osteopath that can carry out workplace assessments to ensure that your staff know how to maintain correct posture at their desks.

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