Ergonomics and using the correct office chair

The human body was not designed to be seated for eight-plus hours a day, so it is not surprising that so many people have back problems at some time in their lives. There are so many different furniture manufacturers that offer office chairs that range in price from £20 to over £1000, so how do you know what is best for you and your staff? An ideal office chair should be flexible; it should have height adjustability to accommodate taller and shorter staff, an adjustable back rest giving gentle support whilst not pushing too hard against the spine, and ideally have an adjustable base (to allow tilting). Most basic chairs have adjustable height and back support, but few have the base tilt mechanism, however this function allows the pelvis to roll forward, and in the case of a free-float tilt mechanism, actually keeps the pelvis in subtle constant movement, which in turn keeps the spine moving. This helps to prevent the typical office chair slump and prevent the spine from locking up, leading to healthier backs and healthier staff.

If you would like ergonomics and furniture advice, give our staff a call and we can discuss how to keep your staff healthy at work.